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Applications for the COVID-19 Emergency Hardship Fund have been temporarily paused to allow us to process the applications currently in the system. We anticipate that applications will be accepted again soon. Please check back to apply.

Are you a student in need?

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  • How do I Apply?

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Common Student Hardships

  • Medical & Health Complications
  • Financial Complications
  • Homeless & Housing Complications
  • Death of a Family Member
  • Relationship Complications
  • Title IX
  • Single Parent Challenges
  • Family Health Issues & Disabilities
  • Guardian Out of Work
  • International Complications
  • Military Benefits Complications
  • Lack of Family Support
  • Accidents, Physical Limitation & Disabilities
  • Work Complications

Areas of Assistance

Tuition Help Tuition &

Books Help Textbooks &
school supplies

Medical Help Medical &

Living Expenses Help Living

Rent and Utilities Help Rent &

Groceries Help Groceries