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Due to high demand the Emergency Hardship Fund in no longer accepting applications at this time.

Utah State University’s Emergency Hardship Fund provides grants to students who have encountered circumstances that otherwise cause them to drop out of school. Whether you are a student looking to apply or a donor looking to help, you can find all of the information here.

Are you a student in need?

  • Do I qualify for assistance?
  • How do I Apply?

Help a student in need

  • How do I donate?
  • How can my donation help?

Common Student Hardships

  • Medical & Health Complications
  • Financial Complications
  • Homeless & Housing Complications
  • Death of a Family Member
  • Relationship Complications
  • Title IX
  • Single Parent Challenges
  • Family Health Issues & Disabilities
  • Guardian Out of Work
  • International Complications
  • Military Benefits Complications
  • Lack of Family Support
  • Accidents, Physical Limitation & Disabilities
  • Work Complications

Potential Recipients Evaluation

Students who face these hardships apply and undergo an intensive interview process to determine their level of need, the necessary funds needed, and the area of assistance the grant will cover.

  1. Extenuating circumstance
  2. Must have an acute need
  3. Must be in good standing at Utah State University
  4. Will be evaluated on other aid received
  5. Will be evaluated on other resource inquiries
  6. Must be currently enrolled at USU
  7. Must have completed one semester at USU
  8. 2.0 or greater USU GPA

Areas of Assistance

Tuition Help Tuition &

Books Help Textbooks &
school supplies

Medical Help Medical &

Living Expenses Help Living

Rent and Utilities Help Rent &

Groceries Help Groceries