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Mission Statement

We inspire, engage, and challenge students through inclusive, holistic, student-centered programming.

Vision Statement

As student affairs professionals, we strive to live by the same values that we promote to our students:

  1. Engagement: We strive to create a community where co-curricular experiences strengthen and broaden student learning inside and outside the classroom.
  2. Collaboration: We collaborate to develop meaningful and purposeful relationships that support our students and our mission.
  3. Inclusion: We value a university in which every individual is affirmed and where se seek to understand, respect, and celebrate our diversity.
  4. Leadership: We expand the capacity of students to develop skills that enable them to manage themselves and inspire others.
  5. Wellness: We value a community that encourages a balanced life, healthy choices and an environment that facilitates a sense of belonging for every student.

Our Objective

To support student development, student success, and enhance the Aggie experience for our students, we will transform ourselves in highly visible ways to be recognized as a student learning-centered organization. Our transformation will be based upon the premise that students learn best when they work together to solve problems in applied settings.

Guiding Principles:

The principles that we will adopt to guide our transformation are: 1) a student learning-centered organization establishes learning outcomes for each of its programs; 2) a student learning-centered organization uses assessment to feed results back to division members so that they can replot what they are doing; and 3) a student learning-centered organization measures its success by how well its students meet learning objectives.

These principles are illustrated concisely in this four-step model:

  1. Establish student learning outcomes to guide practice.
  2. Organize practice around those student learning outcomes.
  3. Assess progress on the outcomes.
  4. Use the assessment results to further inform practice.