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*Rates are for 12-18 credits. See for full list of credits and corresponding fees under “Tuition and Fee Schedules”.

ACTIVITY FEE ($36.93): Used by the Associated Student Government of USU and the Student Involvement and Leadership Center to improve the quality of student life for the entire student body.

Activity Fee History 2020

Activity Fee History

STUDENT MEDIA FEE (part of Activity Fee): The Statesman has been the university student newspaper since 1902. Located in the Taggart Student Center, the Statesman is written by students for students.

Student Media Fee History 2020

Student Media Fee History

BUILDING FEE ($147.19): This fee provides a source of funds to be used for debt service on portions of the 1) Student Fee and Housing System bonds and 2) Student Fee/Spectrum Recreation Facilities Systems Bonds. In addition, this fee provides funds for operations, maintenance, capital renewal, activities, and usage of the Taggart Student Center and Aggie Recreational Center facilities.

Building Fee History 2020

ARC Building Fee History 2020

Building Fee History

ATHLETICS FEE ($138.33): Supports the Aggie Athletes and Athletics department.

Athletes Fee History 2020

Athletes Fee History

AGGIE SHUTTLE FEE ($21.95): Helps support the operation of the 11 buses. For route information and the bus live-location tracker visit

Shuttle Fee History (Student Parking) 2020

Shuttle Fee History

HEALTH SERVICES FEE ($48.20): Provides access to physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, laboratory technologists, health educators, pharmacists, dietitians, counseling, and radiology services.

Health Services Fee History 2020

Health Services Fee History

COUNSELING & PSYCH FEE ($14.45): Used to address mental health issues and to ensure staffing of mental health resources.

CAPS Fee History 2020

CAPS Fee History

TECHNOLOGY FEE ($66.81): Provides full access to 12 computer labs and the multi-media center. Each semester, students receive $2.10 of free printouts on their student ID card with full access to printers and scanners.

Technology Fee History 2020

Technology Fee History

CAMPUS RECREATION FEE ($36.66): Provides athletic and recreation services in all forms to students. For facility locations and operating hours, services, reservations, rentals, adventures and more, visit USU Campus Recreation online.

Campus Rec Fee History 2020

Campus Rec Fee History

FEES LIBRARY FEE ($32.69): Used to provide students with supplemental resources beyond what the Merrill-Cazier Library initially offers. For full access and additional information visit the Merrill-Cazier Library online.

Library Fee History 2020

Library Fee History

MUSIC & THEATER FEE ($10.61): Used to offset production costs for performances by the Departments of Music and Theater Arts, allows current USU students to attend those performances at no cost.

Music ↦ Theater Fee History 2020

Music ↦ Theater Fee History

AGGIE BIKE FEE ($2.75): Provides free bicycle lending, tool board use, and education to the students. All students can check out a 24-hour bicycle or a 3-month rental bicycle without having to pay. Check out Aggie Blue Bikes.

Due to COVID-19, Aggie Blue Bikes will be closed. The student employees working as mechanics will be assisting SNAC, the food recovery network, and the Urban Community Farm. Their wage will continue to be payed to them through the Aggie Blue Bike Fee

Aggie Blue Bike Fee History 2020

Aggie Blue Bike Fee History

BLUE GOES GREEN FEE ($3.03): Enables sustainable initiatives at USU through campus awareness events and the facilitation of the Blue Goes Green (BGG) Student Grant. For involvement opportunities, grant, and current project information, call 435.797.0964 or visit the sustainability website.

Blue goes Green Fee History 2020

Blue goes Green Fee History