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Search Process for New and Existing Positions

The resources available on this page will assist departments in conducting personnel searches for new and existing positions within the guidelines, policies, and procedures of the Student Affairs Division and the Office of Human Resources. If you need additional information or guidance, please contact a Human Resources Specialist at 435-797-1815 or 435-797-0207 or the Division Budget Officer at 435-797-1712.

Examples of search process materials are available, which can be used or adapted for each department's unique needs.

  • Dual Career Assistance (DCA) priority interviews. When advertising a position, it is essential that the hiring manager is knowledgeable of issues related to DCA priority interviews. Refer to Policy 385 Appointments of Opportunity and the Utah State University Dual Career Assistance Protocol. Ensure that you work closely with HR if you are involved in interviewing a candidate through DCA. DCA interview candidates are kept separate from the hiring pool. They are not be to compared with applicants applying through the HR Jobs system. Committees can contact the DCA candidate to talk with him/her about the position, what the committee is looking for, and to request that he/she submit any/all required information that will allow the committee to evaluate the candidate,
  • Committee members need to use a ranking matrix to individually rank candidates. Examples are available on the Search Process Materials page.
  • Committee meets to discuss applicant rankings and select candidates to interview after the review date has passed (exempt positions only).
  • Chair submits candidates for approval through the online job requisition site.
    • Out-of-state applicant interviews must be covered by department funds. Executive Directors and Assistant or Associate VP's are covered by the office of VPSS.
  • Notify the applicants not selected for interviews.
    • It is important for the committee to maintain communication with applicants as to the status of the selection and interviewing process. This is not only professional courtesy but could prevent a qualified applicant from withdrawing due to lack of communication during an extended search.
  • Update the job requisition by changing the status of applicants selected and not selected for interviews.
  • Hiring managers can view several reports within the HR job site: "Where did you hear about his position", "Demographic Report" without candidate names, and "Applicant Information" that includes name and contact information of applicants.
  • Interview candidates using prepared interview questions.
  • Select finalist(s).
  • Conduct reference checks. Sample reference questions are available on the Search Process Materials page.
  • Submit recommendation to hiring manager (who may also be the committee chair) and VP through the HR jobs site. It is advised to notify these individuals that the recommendation is being submitted. You may also want to prepare a written document.