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Business Services

Business Services for Student Affairs provides business transaction support for the four overarching divisions of Student Affairs.

Division of Student Affairs
Business Services Model

1) Student Success

Academic Success Center (DPACRC)
Administration (DPSTUD)
Carees Services (DPCSER)
Student Center (DPSTCE)
Exploratory Advising (DPRATS)


Personnel 1 & 3: Melanie Maughan
Finance 1: Jenny Fawcett
Finance 3: Maren Seamons
Travel 1: Joy Reyes
Travel 3: Kayleen Streator

3) Health, Wellness & Recreation

Campus Recreation (DPVPSL)
Counseling & Psycholgical Services(DPCOUN)
Disability Resource Center (DPDISR)
Student Health (DPHLTH)

Business Services Organization Model flow chart

2) Enrollment Services

Admissions (DPADMS)
Financial Aid (DPFINA)
Registration (DPREGS)
Student Orientation & Transition Services (DPSOTS)


Personnel 2 & 4: Stephanie Maughan
Finance 2: Jenny Fawcett (DPADMS)
Finance 2: Jennifer Seamons (DPFINA, DPREGS)
Finance 2: Maren Seamons (DPSOTS)
Finance 4: Maren Seamons
Travel 2: Joy Reyes
Travel 4: Kayleen Streator

4) Student Involvement

Access & Diversity Center (DPACES)
Civic Engagement & Service Learning (DPUTCC)
Student Innvolvement (DPSILC)

Contact Us

By Email
Visit us in the Juniper Lounge

Finance Officer
Taya Flores
TSC Juniper Lounge, 435.797.1766

Travel Specialist
Joy Reyes
TSC Admissions Office, 435.797.1129

Personnel Specialist
Stephanie Maughan
TSC Juniper Lounge, 435.797.9880

Finance Specialist
Jennifer Seamons
TSC Juniper Lounge, 435.797.9466

Finance Specialist
Maren Seamons
TSC Juniper Lounge, 435.797.9828

Office Assistant
Trish Blair
TSC Juniper Lounge

Travel Specialist
Kayleen Streator
TSC Juniper Lounge, 435.797.9825

Personnel Specialist
Melanie Maughan
TSC Juniper Lounge, 435.797.9829

Finance Specialist
Jenny Fawcett
TSC Juniper Lounge, 435.797.9826